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Fukuoka Guesthouse Little Asia Kokura's Review

Fig. 1: Fukuoka Guest house Little Asia Kokura's reception

Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka, Japan. Visiting Japan is no joke- so, being good with your budget plan is recommended. Whether you know someone there or not, having emergency cash comes in handy! Yen might be low when it comes to conversion, but the cost of  living in this country is something that you should never underestimate. The good thing is, everything's worth it! From the transportation system, food, museums, Anime and Manga, people-name 'em! So after a long day, what will you need? A good night sleep!

When it comes to traveling, you might think that having a bed is all that matters as long as you're able to explore the area. Well, that's a fact. But, why be tight on budget if you can look for a good place with an affordable price? Right?

I checked, and I was actually looking for a traditional type of place to stay. There were a lot, however, none can cover my whole duration of stay that time (I went there during Halloween week, and cultural day was also held the same week). Since I have no plans of transferring hostels to another, I searched further. There I found Fukuoka Guesthouse Little Asia Kokura. I found it strategic because one of my targets was Kokura Castle!

Fukuoka Guesthouse Little Asia Kokura
1-5-15 Sakaimachi, Kokurakita-ku | Nakamichi Bldg 4F, Kitakyushu 802-0005, Fukuoka Prefecture

Local name 福岡ゲストハウス リトルアジア小倉
Local address 〒802-0005小倉北区堺町1-5-15中道ビル 4階 
NOTE: Keep the local address! Just in case you don't speak Nihongo and you're having a hard time looking for it, ask! Keep a screenshot of the address, I know this will help.

How to reach the area:
From Fukuoka International Airport  > Transfer to Fukuoka Domestic Airport (bus, free of charge) > Take the subway going to Hakata Station (¥260) > Take shinkansen (bullet train) going to Kokura (¥2,110) or take the local train (which is cheaper), but that's going to take you an hour or so.
After you pass through Kokurajyo guchi, go along the monorail. You will find Kitakyushyu bank with a yellow mark on the left side of Heiwadai station's monorail. Turn left, walk into small alley (after a big car park). You'll find the hostel on the left side. It has a small sign, and is located at the 4th floor. Directions might be hard to digest, but I'm telling you, it's easier when you're there already.


✘ Located in the red light district
✘ If you have an itinerary focused on Hakata and Fukuoka city, this might be the wrong place for you. Transportation budget back and forth will surely be affected
✘ Not much to see except Kokura Castle, Japanese Garden, Matsumoto Seicho Museum, Aru-Aru City (for Manga and Anime lovers), and Cha-cha Town. 

Fig. 3: Manga Area
Fig. 2: Area going to comfort room

✔ Affordable price
✔ Has lockers 
✔ Has rooms strictly for girls - feels safe if you're a female solo backpacker like me!
✔ Free WiFi
✔ Non-smoking rooms
✔ Has a lot of comfort rooms (blow dryer and curler available)
✔ Free use of laundry machines
✔ Has a cool dining and sofa area- with PlayStation, guitar, television, Manga
✔ Free coffee and tea
✔ Free usage of refrigerator
✔ Shampoos, soap and even facial wash all for free
✔ A lot of hawkers nearby! Udon and other food at a good price
✔ Recycle shops every where (e.g. charity shops, ukay-ukay, pre-loved shops)

Fig. 4: Dining-sala area

Yu, the receptionist, will try her best to relay all necessary details you have to know. There are also posters with instructions (English) on areas that are frequently visited. Here's one:

Fig. 5: An example of the usual posters seen inside the hostel

The rooms are really clean. You have an option to choose your room- whether it's a mixed room (female/male), female, male and even with sharing, there are options. You can get bunk beds, or get a room for two or three. Bunk beds are spacious and are like capsule hotels. Inside one, there's a mini lamp shade and mini table. Comforter, sheets, pillows are provided as well. And oh, hangers for your clothes too!

Fig. 6: Sorry for my messy area

Fig. 7: Locker area

Fig. 8: Indoor slippers

Fig. 9: Hello, Winter!

So I stayed here for 5 days and 4 nights and got it for a good deal of ¥9, 200 only (roughly P4, 150.) Who said getting a decent place to stay has to be very much expensive? I have no regrets staying here and will surely come back! Fukuoka Guesthouse Little Asia Kokura, even if it's located in the red-light district never made me feel unsafe. It was close to feeling at home! 

Overall rating:



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