Saturday, November 5, 2016

An Escape From the Metro- Masasa Beach

Fig. 1: Majestic sunset at Masasa Beach

Masasa, Tingloy, Batangas, Philippines. Life can be really be stressing. Working 5 days a week or more, going to school and running after requirements, and the list goes on. We all somehow wish to have an escape from these daily routines.

However, thinking of having even a short vacation means having expenses too, right? We usually would burn our butts sleeping on coaches instead of running after majestic sunsets. But who said we can't do this on a tight budget?!

There's an adulterated beach located in Masasa, Tingloy, Batangas. It offers pure serenity as you spend the night there. The place is not crowded, and the locals enjoy spend time chit-chatting with visitors. The beach is a total get-away from the metro.

So let's get things working! You can actually reach the place with a P500 budget if you're from Manila, Cavite, Laguna (and/or areas nearby). But allot a thousand for your food. You can bring your cooking stuff and be a chef for a night. Grilling some fish and barbecues might complete your night, or toasting a marshmallow might give you a good night, sweet dreams sleep.

Break down:

(Transportation Fees)
1. Take a bus going to Batangas Grand Terminal. Price differs from whichever areas you are. We came from Laguna and we took a bus in Balibago. Manila and Alabang has a lot of buses that have routes going to Batangas too. Bring your student IDs if applicable. Price starts from P102-150.

2. From Batangas Grand Terminal, look for jeepneys going to Mabini. Tell them to drop you off at Talaga Port. Usual travel time is about 45 minutes - 1 hour. Price is P37.

3. From Talaga Port, ride a boat going to Tingloy Island. Price is P85.

Take note that they have cut-offs for boats going to Tingloy island. Earliest is around 10 AM, last trip is around 3 PM.

You will REALLY have an overnight vacation here because the boat schedule from Tingloy island going back to the port is from 6 AM to 9 AM only. Why? They make sure they get P5,000 a day whenever. They can make arrangements for you- if other visitors would like to go home, you can all talk about dividing the P5,000 mark price.

If you explore the area, you can discover places to have some jump-off sessions. They may not be as high, but can be fun. The place has a lot of sea urchins, so if you'd like to try them out, catch them!

You can opt to do camping or rent a place (price is negotiable depending on how you bargain with the locals). Usually, tourists prefer bringing a tent. If you need gas, food and drinks, stores are available too.

Going solo? If you're looking for a place to reflect, this is a good catch. If you're into winning friends, it's a nice place to do so too. This doesn't get flocked with a hundred of tourists, usually, less than 25 tourists stay on the island.

The best feature? The island dogs! They are so lovable!

Sharing some pics from our trip:

You don't really need to have a long vacation. It doesn't have to be very far. It doesn't even have to be very expensive. Sometimes, a short vacation filled of good memories can take all the stresses that you feel. These memories, in return, will fuel you up to get motivated again. ***

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