Sunday, March 27, 2016

Looking For Treasures: Fortune Island

Fig 1: My friend who taught me Frisbee, Ricky Aurelia Cajefe, enjoying his beer and the view

Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Philippines. I just came home from my Coron Trip and I almost forgot that I have to prepare myself for another adventure again. Yes, you've read it right. I haven't spent an hour inside our home, yet I'm packing my bags to leave again.

So there's this place called Fortune Island, located at Nasugbu, Batangas which has been a "hot spot" for those who like Greek culture, and fans of pictorials. Dolphins are evidently seen in the area. At midnight,  groups of Pawikan (Sea turtles) appear too. Joining the bandwagon, I've decided to go and hopefully, be able to have a glimpse of Greek architecture while relaxing. Sounds like a plan, I've thought. But honestly, I have no idea why it's called as such. Do I go home with money? Treasures? Jewelries? I'm too old for those but this seems to be the real shiznit.

My itinerary:

Day 1 (October 24, 2015)
3:00 AM - Meetup (adjust your time depending where you'll come from)
6:00 AM - Arrival at Nasugbu
                - Buy supplies from the market

7:30 AM - boat ride going to Fortune Island
8:30 AM - camp set up
12:00 PM onwards - lunch time
                - Snorkeling/Swimming
                - look for wood supplies (for bonfire)

6:00 PM onwards - dinner, bonfire
12:00 AM- Pawikan sightseeing

Day 2 (October 25, 2015) 
8:00 AM - breakfast
9:00 AM - Cliff diving/swimming
12:00 PM- boat ride going back to Nasugbu
1:00 PM- lunch
3:00 PM- back to Manila

We were a group of 12, and we had chipped in 1,500 each. We had more than enough food and drinks. Nasugbu has affordable goods and for sure you won't go home without satisfying your appetite. Boat ride fee is about 2,500 or so. 

NOTE: Just in case you are commuting, upon arrival at Nasugbu, you can ask the locals to show you the directions going to the Korean resort where you can pay for the boat rides going to Fortune Island. 

Video: A short summary of our Fortune Island experience

We were able to accomplish everything in our itinerary. It was only an overnight stay, but we had more than enough time to socialize, swim, cliff dive and have some pictorials. I am not a fan of having fancy shots, but I will share to you some of my photos.

Fig 2-3: Along the ruins

Fig 4: After cliff diving!

The run down of events were good. We had enough socializing and bonding even before the water activities have started. I believe that socializing is very important and it establishes foundations.We had a lot of good food and drinks. After getting to know each other, we went up the area (yes, it isn't pure walking dear, you will climb up the area and it isn't a hundred percent safe-the stairs were not finished and you have to take extra measures). The view was breath-taking. Upon arriving, you have a choice of getting down the mini stairs then swim, or jump from the cliff. It was nerve wracking to try cliff diving but our organizer, April Esteban, made sure that the area was clear (yes, beware of water snakes) and safe (she had inflatables as you can see, and the group was full of swimmers too)

All in all, besides having the "Greek ala Batanggena" experience, I didn't only  have the chance of going home with tanned skin, also with a free-spirit. The cliff diving experience was the most liberating. The feeling of doing something you fear makes you feel alive (Always climb, jump and swim at your risks fellas). But, that experience was just a bonus. Why? Did I get money? Jewelries? A pot of gold from unicorn farts? A fortune unraveled bestowed with prosperity? Was it called Fortune Island because you leave with treasures after you conquer it?  NO. But I went home with treasures that no one can steal away from me-a braver version of myself, new memories, and real friends.  ***

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